Comic #58: Creative Genes

August 28, 2023

I became known for playing piano from middle school onward. In fact, I was far more well-known around my old high school for my piano than I was for any of my art/comics at the time. Once it came time to choose my path in life, I had make a hard decision: either try to get a degree in music and pursue my dream of writing video game soundtracks, or pursue my FIRST dream of someday drawing and publishing my own comics.

I definitely think I made the right decision in the end, since if I didn't go to art school, Whitney and I would never have met. Even if I never ended up drawing comics in the end, that one fact alone makes the entire decision worth it.

Many thanks to the following folks from our Peterverse Discord who had cameo spots on this page: Maxamillion Fox | Zero | Starseekerxiii | Static_NRG | CR_Wolf | Logic Loop | darkone