Comic #57: The Neverending Rambler

June 12, 2023

The first half of this page is a 100% true story. During our first real date together, I was so nervous that I couldn't prevent myself from rambling. I had just finished reading the Neverending Story novel like, the week prior, so for whatever reason I just found myself telling her ALLLL ABOUT IT before our food arrived.

She later told me she found it very endearing and was one of the moments where she knew she really liked me.

Also, SURPRISE!! This page actually contains a pretty significant reveal of a major plot point from Peter & Company. This is a seed that was planted all the way back in 2007, and it's only just now being revealed, 15 years later, and in the sequel series. I've been holding onto this moment in my head for a LONG time, and I'm so excited to finally have it on paper!

Many thanks to the following folks from the Peterverse Discord server who offered up their characters for cameos in the opening panel: Cryptic, JWink, and Monster Lord of the Foxes!