Comic #56: Our First Date

December 19, 2022

For our first date, Whitney and I actually DID go to a mushroom-themed Italian spot in Savannah. I decided against using the actual name of the restaurant for the comic here, but for those who'd like a hint: it is a place known for "groovy" decor, it has a cartoon mushroom mascot, and it has locations all across the country. Whoever is first to guess the real name in the comments gets 25 Peterverse Points!

Very special thanks to the following members of the Peterverse Discord who allowed us to draw their characters as cameos on this page (and for being incredibly patient during our 4-month hiatus between this and the last page): Variscite | CR Wolf | HunterWolf26 | Tanti | Threyon | Umbra Firewalker | carlfoxmarten | Pandoji