Comic #54: Reconciliation

July 11, 2022

When I started this comic up, I knew I had a dilemma on my hands with Peter and Tito still being enemies at the start of it. I didn't feel at the time like this series had any place for a villain within the storyline (and it still doesn't), so I wanted their reconciliation to happen fairly early on, rather than having Tito trying to sabotage things and keep the title characters apart.

So while they will remain rivals/frustrated with each other through the remainder of P&C, this marks the beginning of their friendship in this series.

Many thanks to the following folks from the Peterverse Discord Server for offering their characters up for cameos within the panels of this page: Bakertoons | Arron | Kikibutts | SpecterHSC | Tanooki00 | RoRo | MishaFox | Tamara | Sparkpad | Kit Knightwood | TetsuKnife