Comic #52: Sushi Suspicions

May 2, 2022

This page is an interesting one, because it includes a piece of Savannah history that no longer exists: Sakura's, a Japanese sushi and hibachi grill that used to be on East Broughton Street, a block down from the Trustees Theater. Back when Whitney and I attended the school, Sakura's was a PRIME hang-out spot for students since it was located near several of the main buildings AND one of the main art supply stores. Sadly, in my efforts to research reference photos for the restaurant, I came to find out it actually closed down about eight years ago, and is now occupied by another seafood restaurant.

What a bummer, man. I was hoping to swing by it if we ever made it back to visit Savannah at some point in the future. That's one interesting aspect of what I'm seeing this comic series becoming... it's like a time capsule of Savannah from the 2000's era. I'm trying my best to draw the scenery and locations as I remember them, but if you went to visit them now, they would look completely different.

Like the Dyson/Weston dorms (where Peter and Whitney stay) has been completely rebuilt and renovated in the years since, to where it's now a huge complex with a multi-level parking garage. The SCAD we knew is pretty much gone at this point. Sigh.

ANYWHO, thanks to the following folks from the Peterverse Discord for offering up their characters as cameos in this page: Seekyr | Not a Number | CR Wolf | ZoroarktheKitsune | Askdwayneelliot | Threyon | PaulToon1990 | Da Floofy | Tamara | MalyDude | Kelchan | The Libromancer 2022. Would you like to have your character appear in a future page of P&C or P&W? Join our Discord today!