Comic #49: The First Kiss (Technically)

June 2, 2021

This page is the 100% true story of mine and Whitney's very first kiss.

It happened during our first time meeting and walking around the town together, as detailed in the previous pages. I was extremely nervous about seeing her for the first time (our relationship had been a long distance one up until this point), but apparently so was she, because when the moment came and we both went in to kiss, she instead gave me a microsecond-long quick peck on the lips and then IMMEDIATELY ran away giggling. Peter being frozen in place for a few seconds trying to figure out what just happened is absolutely true to life, lol.

Their next kiss will be much better, I promise!

Thanks to the following folks from the Peterverse Discord who offered up their characters for cameos in the background of this page: Naiser | WeirdoXVII | Zero | Saint Sheepy | Zathanb | Kaelgren | Rex the Raccoon | Isaiah