Comic #46: Creeper Ghosts

October 5, 2020

The dialog on this page is directly based on the actual first conversation Whitney and I ever had together. The first time the two of us spoke was over Yahoo Messenger — I had just returned home from completing my undergrad studies, and Whitney was preparing to start at the school as an incoming freshman. She was looking for someone online to ask for any tips about the school (what the dorms are like, where is the best food, etc).

We hit it off right away and just completely lost track of time. Before we knew it, we had ended up staying up until close to 3 or 4 am, just talking about ghost stories from the city. We hit it off right away, and soon after I decided to return to SCAD for my Master's studies to be there with her.

As always, many thanks to the following folks from the Peterverse Discord Community who offered their characters up for a free cameo on this page: Tamara | Variscite | Rosewater | Sera | GameFlyHunter | Askdwayneelliot