Comic #35: A Familiar Voice

June 3, 2019

I debated for a long, LONG time how I wanted these two destined lovebirds to finally meet. I had at least a half-dozen scenarios in my head that I could have gone with, and ultimately, this one won out. It's actually Whitney who is first to find Peter, and we'll see how he reacts when he turns around.

I chose this version of their reunion because in real life, it was in fact Whitney who first found me and sent me a random note online, asking about SCAD. That was our first conversation, and ultimately led to my decision to return for my grad studies to be with her at the school. I thought this would be a nice way of keeping that element intact for this version of our story.

Thanks to the following folks for offering their characters for cameos:

bakertoons | ShadowTear | TsuTheBookGuru | Kelchan | Woulfe | MrPopo | WeirdoXVII