Comic #31: Lunch With Dan

March 4, 2019

One of the easiest traps to fall into when you first start diving into comics and cartooning is the seductive loop of character creation. When I first started drawing the earliest versions of Peter & Company back in late high school, it was a nonsensical comic strip filled with 30+ characters, the vast majority of which were one-dimensional and only ever appeared in a handful of strips (if at all). And the comic itself was not given an autobiographical story until the "Guardian" reboot in 2005.

As for what form Peter's first comic projects will take (and what he will base them on), we will see in time!

Many thanks to MaeHyme, Bakertoons, ItsTheTroon, and Riastylis for offering their characters up for the cameos on this page! Lately we've been handling all of our free cameo spots through the Peterverse Discord server, so if you would like to have a chance to offer a character up for a spot on a future page, come join the community!