The Annual Whitney Cosplay Series

Each year throughout the month of October, I produce a series of pinup sketches featuring Whitney cosplaying as a variety of characters from various films, games, cartoons, and comics. These are posted once-a-day to the Peter & Whitney Tumblr, Twitter, and our galleries on Furaffinity and DeviantArt. At the end of each month, the sketches become available for funding to see them finished in ink and color!

How Funding Works: During the active year, donations are accepted via PayPal and are cumulative in total for each piece. Once a piece reaches $30, it is inked, colored, and posted to all channels. Bonus cosplays are unlocked for every three pieces that are funded, bringing the total up to 41 individual pieces for each year's roster.

Select the year from the links below to view each series. Previous years are presented as thumbnails, while the current year being funded is in table format to accept donations.

Note: These are pinup images, so they may be considered NSFW.

Buy the 2015 Whitney Cosplay Print Collection

Price: $15.00
Page Count: 72, Full Color
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