The Annual Whitney Cosplay Series

Each year throughout the month of October, I produce a series of pinup sketches featuring Whitney cosplaying as a variety of characters from various films, games, cartoons, and comics. These are posted once-a-day to the Peter & Whitney Twitter, Furaffinity and DeviantArt galleries. At the end of each month, the sketches become available for funding to see them finished in ink and color!

Select the year from the links below to view each series. Previous years are presented as thumbnails, while the current year being funded is in table format to accept donations.

Note: These are pinup images, so they may be considered NSFW.

How Funding Works: During the active year, donations are accepted via PayPal. Once a piece is funded for $30, it is inked, colored, and posted to all public channels across Twitter, DeviantArt and FurAffinity. Bonus cosplay sketches are unlocked for every three pieces that are funded, bringing the total up to 41 individual pieces for each year's roster. Once the full roster of 31 is funded, the bonus 10 cosplays will also be inked and colored.

Donation Bonuses/Rules:

Each piece must be funded in a single payment -- no partial funding allowed.

Funding a single piece for $30 unlocks the full color version for public distribution, along with a free copy of the print collection book for that year's series, once it is completed (typically within a year). You will be contacted for your shipping details via the email connected to your PayPal, so make sure it is up-to-date before funding a piece!

Funding for $30 also purchases ownership of the original inked lineart for that cosplay, to be shipped with your copy of the book.

TOPLESS VARIANTS: Alternatively, funding a piece for $50 ($30 + an additional $20) also unlocks a Nude/Topless variant, which will be produced alongside the final color version and posted to Twitter and FurAffinity once complete. ALL COSPLAYS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THE TOPLESS VARIANT.

When you click the "Donate" button, enter in your amount for pledging -- either $30 for the color version, or $50 for the color version + Topless variant.

Funding the Topless version of a piece also includes ownership of the original lineart and a copy of the book. Note that the Topless variants are digitally altered, so the original lineart will not include the edits.

You may fund as many cosplays as you like, but PLEASE ONLY FUND ONE AT A TIME USING THE PAYPAL LINK NEXT TO EACH ONE. Each link is specifically for that numbered cosplay, so if you try to donate to several at once, I won't be able to tell which ones you selected.

OVERLAP NOTICE: These listings and PayPal links are NOT automated, so I will have to manually update these listings as each piece is funded. I will try to keep this page updated as real-time as possible, but there may be overlap if I do not currently have access to my computer. As such, if two people try to fund the same piece at the same time, the piece will go to whomever was quicker on the draw. If you fund a piece that was already claimed by someone else, I will send you an email to ask if you would like to choose a different cosplay, or request a refund if you would prefer.

ADDITIONAL CHARGE NOTICE: The final cosplay of the year (#31) features four characters in a single piece, so it is the only piece with a higher cost because of the additional work required to complete. Full-color funding will be $60, while the topless edit will be $100 total.

Cosplay Name and Series Thumbnail Donation Totals/Status/Final Links

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