Comic #44: Finally Moving On

May 4, 2020

When Tito's character originally joined the Peter & Company cast, we hadn't even begun planning to do a sequel series at the time. The idea of making Tracy a bully was hilarious to us since it was the exact opposite of how she is in real life. When we began planning to write Peter & Whitney as a fully autobiographical retelling of our relationship, however, we realized we had a problem with Tracy and Peter being enemies if Tito and Whitney were destined to be roommates at SCAD.

To maintain continuity, Tito and Peter still had issues at the start of this series, but this is the first big step towards reconciling their differences. I'm excited to finally be able to show Tito's personality for how sweet and caring she is in real life, so to all those worried that she was going to be a roadblock between Peter and Whitney being together — or that she would somehow sabotage their future relationship — put your mind at ease.