Comic #13: Nice Guy Jason

June 26, 2017

So, a little bit of information about Jason here.

Jason is the second character to appear in Peter & Whitney that is based on someone I knew back in college. Unlike Peter's roommate, however (whose name and appearance are different from the actual person), Jason is directly based on the real-life counterpart. He and I met during our first class together in 2D Design, pretty much just as shown in this page, and right out the gate we hit it off as friends.

The real-life Jason is simply one of the nicest guys I've ever known in my life. He has the same personality traits that Mr. Rogers was known for: complete honesty, open friendliness, and a level of optimism that sticks with you after you meet him. He's one of several folks & friends from my college years that I specifically asked permission to create a character in his likeness to appear in the comic.

So let this be a lesson to you all, reading this today: be careful who you are friends with in college, because someday they might draw a comic about you.