Comic #12: The (Un)Prepared

May 22, 2017

2D Design was one of three different courses I had to take during my first quarter at SCAD. My first day of classes, I showed up with just a sketchbook and pack of pencils in my backpack, thinking that we would be receiving the course synopsis and supplies list during that first session. Instead, I found out that the synopsis/supplies list had been e-mailed to our student email accounts... which I had not yet checked by that point. So I showed up to a class filled with students who were packed to the gills with supplies, ready for projects on day one, while I was completely unprepared.

Hey, some lessons you learn the hard way! I made dang sure to check my email before every class after that, I tell you what.

Thanks to the following folks on Picarto for offering up their characters for cameos on this page: aPastaTiger | Infinitedge | CRWolf | MviluUatusun | Bakertoons | AlyxVixen | GlitterbabyKitty | VosurAekira | Dworld | Koyote | Axel | Microbuss | Sparkflow | W0lfmare